Little Linguists Nursery are proud to be an Ofsted registered nursery in Streatham and we received a ‘Good’ rating in the last inspection just two years ago.

The inspectors made some wonderful comments about our bilingual nursery which we would like to share with our newer parents and also potential parents and carers.

Ofsted registered nursery in Streatham – what the inspectors said:

“Children are happy and secure. They form close bonds with staff and others.”

This is so important to our team as we want each and every child that comes to us to look forward to opening that front door and not feel anxious when Mummy or Daddy head off to work – making the day a much better one for their parents, too!

“Transitions between rooms are handled well and help support children’s well-being.”

When children are happy and settled in a nursery, it can be daunting when they are moving up into the next room. We strive to ensure each child feels comfortable when they move up and look forward to making new friends and trying new activities.

“They develop good communication and language skills, in both English and French, as they are encouraged by staff to use both languages in their play and activities.”

Many parents and carers choose our Ofsted registered nursery in Streatham because of the language lessons we provide to all the children who come to us throughout the week.

“The well equipped, open plan rooms provide children with ample space to move and play freely.”

As well as our planned activities, the children spend time playing with the toy and equipment that they wish – allowing them to us their imagination and try new things!

“Children benefit from a wide range of exciting activities that encourage them to explore and investigate.”

Children love to explore their surroundings and the team at Little Linguists Nursery ensures that our children get to do just that, while ensuring they are safe and secure.