Our Bilingual Childcare Approach

Here at Little Linguists bilingual nursery in Streatham South West London, our aim is to provide quality care and education in a bilingual, stable, caring environment. We expect that children who join our setting will learn to understand a language in a natural and direct way, similar to how they learned their mother tongue. Click to view the benefits of being bilingual

We offer a unique opportunity for all children to learn about another language whilst experiencing a variety of learning opportunities offered by our qualified staff. We celebrate and embrace the concept of equality, inclusion and diversity. Little Linguists has been providing bilingual childcare locally for over nine years.

Our Approach

We try to teach the children about different religions and cultures from other parts of the world. We aim to give all children a good understanding of diversity through our daily activities. We will also regularly participate in charity events so our children learn that helping others is important. We ensure that the children have as much fun as possible and offer an exciting range of activities for all age groups.

Little Linguists Nursery provides for children with special educational needs (SEN) and will work with parents and outside professionals to ensure all children in our care receive the best possible start to their futures.

One Person One Language (OPOL)

We use the one-person one-language (OPOL) system. So you won’t find our French speaker using English or mixing words in sentences. We aim for the natural usage of language - although obviously we have more English speakers than French speakers.

(OPOL) is the most common family language system in use. Our French educators will consistently speak only one language to the children and each other. It helps tremendously for children to hear that one person isn’t the only one who speaks this language. Children are savvy little creatures who are quite capable of reasoning that they don’t really need to know a language if it is only spoken by one other person.