Welcome to the April Newsletter from Little Linguists Nursery in Streatham. March was a wonderful for all our children and we wanted to share just some of the exciting activities they did throughout the month at our French nursery!Easter at our French Nursery - Little Linguists Nursery Streatham

The children in the Caterpillar and Ladybird rooms have had great fun exploring various textures and materials.

They also celebrated their mummies and other female family members by making beautiful cards candle holders for Mother’s Day. They also celebrated Easter by getting creative and making bunny masks and also decorating Easter eggs.


The childen have also been exploring colours with different coloured sand as well as mixing colours together with their hands. They had great fun playing with water and seeing how much they could fit in different types of containers.


The toddlers haven’t missed out on the fun at their French nursery, as they got creative and made perfume and soap for their mums for Mother’s Day. The also celebrated Easter by makes chick collages and bunnies.


The month of March also saw the toddler room focussing on oral hygiene. The children have been able to practice brushing their own teeth and also practicing on a big model. The team have been going through with them step-by-step on how to brush their teeth properly.

In maths, the toddlers have been busy counting quantities of objects and also recognising written numbers.

As you can see, everyone has had a great month at Little Linguists Nursery, Streatham. If you’d like to take a look at our French nursery for your own child, why not come along to our open days?