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Our French Nursery February News

Written by Daniella Goodman on . Posted in News

Messy play with the babies at Little Linguists Nursery - a French nursery in LondonWelcome to Little Linguists Nursery February news – where you can find out what the children of our French nursery in Streatham have been doing during the month!

Pre-school room – making decisions!

This term, our pre-schoolers are continuing to look at “People Who Help Us” and in the month of February, our focus has been on Fire Fighters and any parent who is a Fire Fighter was invited to come in with their uniform on and equipment to give us a demonstration and talk to the children about safety and the dangers.

This month the children have also been encouraged to take part in decision making. For example, they have had the opportunity to say what they think we should include in our class rules, helping them express and share their opinions and what is important to them.


Toddler room – celebrating Chinese New Year in our French nursery

This month our theme has been ‘All about me’ where we have looked at ourselves in the mirror and drawn our portraits. We have also learnt the words eye, nose, mouth etc in French. The toddlers have also looked at our peers and staff to identify the similarities and differences we have, such as eye and hair colour, long or short hair etc.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day by having different sensory activities and talked about how we feel and why by using smiley and sad faces.

As a French nursery, our book of the month is ‘T’choupi dans sa maison’ and the English book of the month is ‘How much I love you’.

We celebrated the Chinese New Year by creating a group art work all together to make the zodiac sign of the dog.


Babies Room – getting messy

Both the Caterpillars and Ladybird rooms had the theme of ‘Messy Play’ in February. Each room had different messy table activities such as shaving foam, jelly, corn flour, spaghetti which the children explored through touch using their hands, feet or tools. This helped them develop their Communication and Language skills as it stimulates their exploratory impulses. A member of the staff went through the activity step-by-step with them, describing what they were doing and how it felt when they touched the different sensory activities, while encouraging each child to repeat simple descriptive words.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the book of the month has been ‘Guess How Much I Love You’.

We have continued to learn and explore the colours in French.