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Childcare Tip of the Month

Written by Daniella Goodman on . Posted in News

Welcome to the Little Linguists Tip of the Month!Childcare tip of the month from Little Linguists Nursery in Streatham

The team at our nursery in Streatham know how tough being a parent/carer can be and are always on hand to assist the parents and carers with any challenges they may be having with their young children.

As babies develop into toddlers, they find new ways to test their boundaries and express themselves. So when your toddler gets upset, you might find that they scream, cry or even kick, hit or bite – behaviours that even the calmest guardian may struggle with.

If you can’t find an immediate reason, such as hunger, tiredness or simply the need for a little tender loving care, here are a few things you can try to calm your toddler:

  • create a distraction using something like a book, favourite toy etc;
  • draw their attention to something else happening nearby – perhaps a fire engine/police car driving past, a funny picture on a wall etc;
  • if they’re angry, tell them you know how they feel.

For more information and tips on baby and toddler safety, please visit NSPCC website .

We hope that you find these tips useful. If you have anything you would like our nursery in Streatham to include in the future tips of the month, just let us know!