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Our French nursery April news

Written by Daniella Goodman on . Posted in News

Welcome to the April Newsletter from Little Linguists Nursery in Streatham. March was a wonderful for all our children and we wanted to share just some of the exciting activities they did throughout the month at our French nursery!Easter at our French Nursery - Lilttle Linguists Nursery Streatham

The children in the Caterpillar and Ladybird rooms have had great fun exploring various textures and materials.

They also celebrated their mummies and other female family members by making beautiful cards candle holders for Mother’s Day. They also celebrated Easter by getting creative and making bunny masks and also decorating Easter eggs.

The childen have also been exploring colours with different coloured sand as well as mixing colours together with their hands. They had great fun playing with water and seeing how much they could fit in different types of containers.

The toddlers haven’t missed out on the fun at their French nursery, as they got creative and made perfume and soap for their mums for Mother’s Day. The also celebrated Easter by makes chick collages and bunnies.

The month of March also saw the toddler room focussing on oral hygiene. The children have been able to practice brushing their own teeth and also practicing on a big model. The team have been going through with them step-by-step on how to brush their teeth properly.

In maths, the toddlers have been busy counting quantities of objects and also recognising written numbers.

As you can see, everyone has had a great month at Little Linguists Nursery, Streatham. If you’d like to take a look at our French nursery for your own child, why not come along to our open days?

Ofsted registered nursery in Streatham, South London

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Little Linguists Nursery are proud to be an Ofsted registered nursery in Streatham and we received a ‘Good’ rating in the last inspection just two years ago.

The inspectors made some wonderful comments about our bilingual nursery which we would like to share with our newer parents and also potential parents and carers.

Ofsted registered nursery in Streatham – what the inspectors said:

“Children are happy and secure. They form close bonds with staff and others.”

This is so important to our team as we want each and every child that comes to us to look forward to opening that front door and not feel anxious when Mummy or Daddy head off to work – making the day a much better one for their parents, too!

“Transitions between rooms are handled well and help support children’s well-being.”

When children are happy and settled in a nursery, it can be daunting when they are moving up into the next room. We strive to ensure each child feels comfortable when they move up and look forward to making new friends and trying new activities.

“They develop good communication and language skills, in both English and French, as they are encouraged by staff to use both languages in their play and activities.”
Many parents and carers choose our Ofsted registered nursery in Streatham because of the language lessons we provide to all the children who come to us throughout the week.

“The well equipped, open plan rooms provide children with ample space to move and play freely.”
As well as our planned activities, the children spend time playing with the toy and equipment that they wish – allowing them to us their imagination and try new things!

“Children benefit from a wide range of exciting activities that encourage them to explore and investigate.”
Children love to explore their surroundings and the team at Little Linguists Nursery ensures that our children get to do just that, while ensuring they are safe and secure.

Read our full Ofsted Inspection Report

Nursery Open Day

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Little Linguists Nursery Open Day StreathamLittle Linguists Nursery are excited about our nursery open day next week and would love it if you could join us and come and discover what our bilingual nursery in Streatham has to offer.

On Monday 23rd April 2018, local parents are welcome to come and see what our facilities are like and chat to our dedicated team and other parents.

Throughout the nursery open day, there will be lots of fun arts and crafts activities for your children to try.

The day promises to be a fun-filled day, for a recommended donation of £3 per family, so don’t miss out as spaces are limited – let us know ASAP if you and your child would like to attend to avoid disappointment.

Our French nursery is located at 121 Fallsbrook Road, London SW16 6DU – the Little Linguists team look forward to seeing you there!

If you can’t make this event, we also have another one taking place on Thursday 18th May 2018.

If you have any queries about the day, or would like more information about our French nursery, please do not hesitate to contact the team.

Emergency Childcare from Little Linguists

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Emergency Childcare from Little Liguists Nursery StreathamEmergency childcare can be difficult to find when you may live hours away from your family, with friends who work or who may have their hands full with their own young children. Perhaps your childminder has had a fall and cannot care for your child for a couple of days, or even weeks? Or maybe you have a job interview that cannot be rearranged and you are stuck for childcare? Imagine having an unmissable event planned only to have the person looking after your child cancel at short notice!


If this is the case, Ofsted registered Little Linguists Nursery is here to help with your emergency childcare in Streatham.


Our team are on hand to greet your little ones into our warm and welcoming nursery, helping them feel safe and secure in their new environment quickly, leaving you to carry on your day as planned.


Little Linguists Nursery in Streatham offer their emergency childcare form the age of three months to five years without a minimum number of days to book in for.


The team at Little Linguists Nursery are here to help with all your emergency childcare needs. Simply call the nursery on 020 8127 8581 or contact us through our contact form website to discuss your requirements.

Our French Nursery February News

Written by Daniella Goodman on . Posted in News

Messy play with the babies at Little Linguists Nursery - a French nursery in LondonWelcome to Little Linguists Nursery February news – where you can find out what the children of our French nursery in Streatham have been doing during the month!

Pre-school room – making decisions!

This term, our pre-schoolers are continuing to look at “People Who Help Us” and in the month of February, our focus has been on Fire Fighters and any parent who is a Fire Fighter was invited to come in with their uniform on and equipment to give us a demonstration and talk to the children about safety and the dangers.

This month the children have also been encouraged to take part in decision making. For example, they have had the opportunity to say what they think we should include in our class rules, helping them express and share their opinions and what is important to them.


Toddler room – celebrating Chinese New Year in our French nursery

This month our theme has been ‘All about me’ where we have looked at ourselves in the mirror and drawn our portraits. We have also learnt the words eye, nose, mouth etc in French. The toddlers have also looked at our peers and staff to identify the similarities and differences we have, such as eye and hair colour, long or short hair etc.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day by having different sensory activities and talked about how we feel and why by using smiley and sad faces.

As a French nursery, our book of the month is ‘T’choupi dans sa maison’ and the English book of the month is ‘How much I love you’.

We celebrated the Chinese New Year by creating a group art work all together to make the zodiac sign of the dog.


Babies Room – getting messy

Both the Caterpillars and Ladybird rooms had the theme of ‘Messy Play’ in February. Each room had different messy table activities such as shaving foam, jelly, corn flour, spaghetti which the children explored through touch using their hands, feet or tools. This helped them develop their Communication and Language skills as it stimulates their exploratory impulses. A member of the staff went through the activity step-by-step with them, describing what they were doing and how it felt when they touched the different sensory activities, while encouraging each child to repeat simple descriptive words.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the book of the month has been ‘Guess How Much I Love You’.

We have continued to learn and explore the colours in French.

Childcare Tip of the Month

Written by Daniella Goodman on . Posted in News

Welcome to the Little Linguists Tip of the Month!Childcare tip of the month from Little Linguists Nursery in Streatham

The team at our nursery in Streatham know how tough being a parent/carer can be and are always on hand to assist the parents and carers with any challenges they may be having with their young children.

As babies develop into toddlers, they find new ways to test their boundaries and express themselves. So when your toddler gets upset, you might find that they scream, cry or even kick, hit or bite – behaviours that even the calmest guardian may struggle with.

If you can’t find an immediate reason, such as hunger, tiredness or simply the need for a little tender loving care, here are a few things you can try to calm your toddler:

  • create a distraction using something like a book, favourite toy etc;
  • draw their attention to something else happening nearby – perhaps a fire engine/police car driving past, a funny picture on a wall etc;
  • if they’re angry, tell them you know how they feel.

For more information and tips on baby and toddler safety, please visit NSPCC website .

We hope that you find these tips useful. If you have anything you would like our nursery in Streatham to include in the future tips of the month, just let us know!

Our bilingual nursery January news

Written by Daniella Goodman on . Posted in News

Children mixing paint - bilingual nursery - Little Linguists Nursery Streatham

Our team and the children have had a fun-packed and busy January already which has included a wide variety of activities for all the children we care for at our bilingual nursery.

Baby Room explorers

In our Baby Room, there has been lots of sensory play by using foam as snow and different winter animals hidden in it for the babies to find. They have also used cotton wool to create mountains and furry polar animals. The animals were then put in coloured ice cubes so the babies could watch them melt and feel that the ice is cold.

The babies have also been taking part in cookery sessions, by putting whipped cream on biscuits and using their senses to taste and smell.

In addition, as we are a bilingual nursery, the youngest members of our nursery have also been learning the colours in French and exploring them further by mixing colours together.

The Toddler Room at our bilingual nursery

The Bumblebee Toddler Room has been a hive of activity as usual, with the children exploring the winter and changes in the weather. They have also been busy learning their primary colours in French and English. For those children who already know them, they have been exploring the different colours further by mixing them together to see what happens.

As we pride ourselves on being a bilingual nursery, in maths, the toddlers have been concentrating on learning their numbers up to 10 in both English and French and those who already know them have been practising counting items, such as blue blocks and green blocks to complement their colours work. Soon, the class will begin to try and identify the written numbers as well as starting to look at words that begin with the letters ‘A’ and ‘B’.

Pre-School fun

So far this year, our Pre-School Room has been looking at “People Who Helps Us”, such as nurses, doctors, fireman and dentists.  The class have also started learning to say the animals in French, such as chat, chien and lapin. They are continuing to work on their phonics and practicing forming the letters using dot line worksheets.

If you are interested in the activities each of our rooms have been getting up to and feel that our bilingual nursery could be the perfect place for your child, please get in touch with Little Linguists Nursery Streatham to find out more about our bilingual nursery!

Ronald McDonald House

Written by Daniella Goodman on . Posted in News

We are delighted to announce our sponsorship of The St Georges Ronald McDonald House Charity.

Ronald McDonald House Charities is an independent charity which provides free ‘home away from home’ accommodation to 6,000 families each year at 14 hospitals across the UK.  It enables seriously ill children to have their families close by when they are undergoing treatment and allows them to maintain a degree of normal family life.


If you are interested in Enrolling in our Nursery please sign up here

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