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Our bilingual nursery January news

Written by Daniella Goodman on . Posted in News

Children mixing paint - bilingual nursery - Little Linguists Nursery Streatham

Our team and the children have had a fun-packed and busy January already which has included a wide variety of activities for all the children we care for at our bilingual nursery.

Baby Room explorers

In our Baby Room, there has been lots of sensory play by using foam as snow and different winter animals hidden in it for the babies to find. They have also used cotton wool to create mountains and furry polar animals. The animals were then put in coloured ice cubes so the babies could watch them melt and feel that the ice is cold.

The babies have also been taking part in cookery sessions, by putting whipped cream on biscuits and using their senses to taste and smell.

In addition, as we are a bilingual nursery, the youngest members of our nursery have also been learning the colours in French and exploring them further by mixing colours together.

The Toddler Room at our bilingual nursery

The Bumblebee Toddler Room has been a hive of activity as usual, with the children exploring the winter and changes in the weather. They have also been busy learning their primary colours in French and English. For those children who already know them, they have been exploring the different colours further by mixing them together to see what happens.

As we pride ourselves on being a bilingual nursery, in maths, the toddlers have been concentrating on learning their numbers up to 10 in both English and French and those who already know them have been practising counting items, such as blue blocks and green blocks to complement their colours work. Soon, the class will begin to try and identify the written numbers as well as starting to look at words that begin with the letters ‘A’ and ‘B’.

Pre-School fun

So far this year, our Pre-School Room has been looking at “People Who Helps Us”, such as nurses, doctors, fireman and dentists.  The class have also started learning to say the animals in French, such as chat, chien and lapin. They are continuing to work on their phonics and practicing forming the letters using dot line worksheets.

If you are interested in the activities each of our rooms have been getting up to and feel that our bilingual nursery could be the perfect place for your child, please get in touch with Little Linguists Nursery Streatham to find out more about our bilingual nursery!